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Pedigree Grow & Show

Pedigree Grow & Show Mix

A high energy coarse mix specially formulated to promote growth and condition in pedigree animals and those being prepared for the show ring.

  • Contains quality protein sources to build muscle and support performance.
  • With Yea-Sacc®, for enhanced digestive efficiency and improved conversion rates.
  • A full spectrum of vitamins and minerals promotes visible well-being and head-turning coat shine.  


Feeding Recommendations 

  • Pedigree Grow & Show Mix can be introduced as a creep feed from 6 weeks of age at a rate of about 1kg per day.
  • By around 6 months of age, a calf should be consuming 2 – 3kg of coarse mix per day, alongside ad lib good quality forage.
  • Adult animals may be fed Pedigree 16 + Coarse Mix ad lib or at a rate of around 2% of bodyweight with ad lib quality forage.
Pedigree Grow and Show Mix


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Analytical Constituents

  • Protein 16%
  • Oils 3.2%
  • Fibre 8.1%
  • Ash 5.9%
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