What Goes Into Our Feeds?

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Our recipes are based on fixed formulations using quality ingredients, and not what is cheapest at the time, so you can trust each bag to provide consistent optimum nutrition.

Carefully Cooked Cereals
Cooking makes the cereals more digestible, an issue which is of particular importance to the sensitive ruminant digestive system.  The flaked cereals in our mixes are therefore cooked using a technique called micronisation, which utilises infrared technology to “gelatinise” the starch content and make it more digestible.  Improved digestibility not only means a reduced risk of digestive upsets but also that the animal can extract more per mouthful. 

Quality Protein
A number of sources including soya, linseed and grass meal are chosen for their quality protein content.  This means they supply high levels of essential amino acids, like lysine and methionine, which are important components of body tissues.


Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids
Supplied by oils like those from soya and linseed, these are vital components of cell membranes and particularly important for healthy skin.

Vitamins and Minerals
Each blend is scientifically formulated for optimum health and well-being and is protected to ensure that the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals remain available in the feed for as long as possible.  In some formulations the mineral spectrum includes Sel-Plex® organic selenium and chelated Bioplex® zinc, which improves the absorption and utilisation by the animal (bioavailability) of these essential minerals, whose roles include supporting immunity, fertility and development. 

Digestive Support
The bacterial population in the rumen ferment the fibre content of the diet, producing volatile fatty acids which provide an energy source for the host.  The live yeast culture, Yea-Sacc® has been proven to stimulate fibre-digesting bacteria, therefore, helping improve digestive efficiency.  Yea-Sacc® is included in Pedigree 16 + Coarse Mix.
Bio-Mos® is a prebiotic which helps “mop up” and remove pathogenic gut bacteria thus encouraging beneficial species to flourish.  This is included in selected cube rations in the range.

Medication Free
All Badminton Country Feeds are free from any medication, coccidiostats and growth promoters, relying on the careful preparation of the natural wholesome ingredients to ensure optimum digestibility and a full range of vitamins and minerals to support good health.
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