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Sheep Nuts

Grass Nuts


100% chopped dried grass, cut and processed to preserve maximum levels of natural nutrients.
  • Ideal as a  partial forage replacement for all ruminants, camelids and equines when grass is in short supply eg. through winter, or when access to pasture is restricted or limited.
Feeding Recommendations
  • Can be soaked with water before feeding, to avoid over rapid consumption.  Alternatively feed with a source of chopped roughage to encourage chewing
  • Ideal, when soaked, for equines with poor dentition.
  • Grass Nuts are contain no added vitamins and minerals so should ideally be fed alongside a fully balanced compound ration, vitamin and mineral block or supplement.
Grass Nuts


Dried Grass

Nutrient SpecNutrient Spec

  • Protein (19%)
  • Oil (3.2%)
  • Fibre (12%)
  • Ash (12%)
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